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:There has been discussion lately about postponing some infant 
:immunizations until child is older(two years old) because of side 
:effects of some and possibilty of breathing changes causing concerns 
:about SIDS.  A tv show( Susan Powter) recently had "experts" on 
:concerning this.  I am not a medical person, this new group sounds very 
:medically intelligent, but I am asking for a concerned daughter who is 
:the mother of her first child- three months old and has immunizations 
:coming up.  She just wants to make the right decisions.  Comments 
:please. Thank you.

While on vacation, in a moment of weakness, I watched a recent Susan
Powter show where she had on a woman who was giving thermal seaweed
wraps to "draw out toxins" and would, among other things, cure PMS. Ms.
Powter stood there nodding approval.  

You need to be talking to a licensed physician. Decisions about a
child's care shouldn't be made on the basis of TV shows or opinions from

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