Need rat antimouse CD8 mAb, YTS 169.4, or other mAbs to eliminate CD8s in adult mice.

Michael Newton Robertson newton at saul
Sun Feb 26 13:41:42 EST 1995

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On 25 Feb 1995, Agnieszka Szczepek wrote:

> On 24 Feb 1995, Aki Hoji wrote:
> > 
> > Hi all !!
> > 
> > I am planning to eliminate CD8+ cells in adult mice, and I need a
> > monoclonal YTS 169.4 which is the rat anti mouse CD8 mAb.  Since I don't
> > quite know exactly where to obatin this mAb, or the hybridoma producing it
> > (meaning, it is not commercially avialable), any help will be appriciated
> > to locate it.  Also, I like to know if there are any other mAbs avialable
> > to do the same job.  Thanks in advance.  
> You can buy the rat-anti-mouse CD8 Abs from Pharmingen (1-800-848-MABS);
> they have two types of Abs- one against the alpha chain of CD8 (Ly-2) and
> other one against the beta chain of CD8 (Ly-3.2). 

Note that these antibodies may not work for in vivo elimination of CD8 
cells.  It depends on the subtype of the antibody.  When antibodies YTS 
169.4 and its related anti-CD4 antibody were derived (see Nash, et al J. 
Gen. Virol., vol 68, page 825-833) only certain subtypes worked for in 
vivo depletion.  Another antibody is 2.43 (see Sarmiento, et al, J. 
Immunol. vol 125, pp 2665-2672).  I suspect the Mab from Pharmigen were 
not selected for use in in vivo depletions.  I got YTS 169.4 from Michael 
Oldstone's lab a number of years ago and 2.43 from Frank Fitch's lab.  
This was because my boss at that time called these guys up and they sent 
it.  I don't know if they will give them to anybody, but they may know a 
source.  I believe Fitch originally derived 2.43.

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