Source of hu-beta2-Microglobulin

Sun Feb 26 10:11:49 EST 1995

We tried to isolate b2m form human urine.  Not even close to being cost 
effective.  Better is to make it in E. coli.  It is still a pain to 
refold it from that.
Jeff Frelinger

On Sat, 25 Feb 1995, John Ladasky wrote:

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> Fernando Garcia <fgarcia at> wrote:
> >Dear Netters.
> >
> >I am looking for sources of human-beta2-Microglobuline. In the past I have use 
> >it from Sigma but it becomes very expensive due the big amounts I am using.
> > Suggestions are welcome.
> >
> >Thanks in advance
> Greetings, Fernando,
> 	You could always isolate the beta-2 microglobulin yourself!
> 	Beta-2 microglobulin is a relatively abundant protein in serum and
> in urine.  It was one of the first human serum proteins to be purified, and
> thus relatively cheap and crude purification methods would suffice.  Sorry,
> I don't have the original references at my fingertips, but I can find them
> if you are interested.
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