Will there ever be a Vaccine to HIV?

M.C. Bean mic2mcb at leeds.ac.uk
Sun Feb 26 13:42:04 EST 1995

I  am a final year student of microbiology at the University of Leeds and i am 
co-ordinating research for a forcoming debate on HIV in our medical 
microbiology class. The motion that we are debating is "This house believes 
that there will never be a vaccine for HIV. The group which I am working for 
is in favour of the motion (randomly allocated). We have already come up with 
the rate of HIV mutation and consequent antigenic variation, the 
transmissability of HIV cell to cell which can shield it from the serum 
antibodies and some stuff about the presentation of epitopes to T-cytotoxic 
cells that we are still trying to understand.

Does anybody out there have any opinions of there own on this subject that 
they would like to discuss or any suggestions for lines of research which we 
could follow from here?

Thanks in advance


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