Selectable surface marker for sorting transfected B cells

Thomas Chiles
Mon Feb 27 09:33:06 EST 1995

Dear Michael:
Thank you very much for responding to Brian's note. We have considered
using CD4 but Brian has not found a source for this reagent, although I
must state that we have only recently begun to think about these
experiments and we have not yet performed an extensive search of the
literature in this regard.  My laboratory would very much like to try and
transfect Bal-17 B cells with pLT4SN in order to determine whether or not
we can detect CD4 surface expression.  Would it be possible to send us the
pLT4SN vector and any information on a source for the anti-human CD4
antibody which your research group uses ( we plan to select via  panning
for the tranmsfected cells on anti-CD4 coated dishes)? I must add, that
this reagent will be used only in the aforementioned studies and will not
be transfer to any other investigator without your consent.  My lab is
located at Boston College, 411 Higgins Hall, Department of Biology,
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167: Tel:617-552-0840; Fax 617-552-2011; e-mail
ChilesT at

Again, thank you very much for considering our request.

Sincerely, Thomas Chiles, Ph.D.

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