infant immunizations

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Sun Feb 26 20:09:46 EST 1995

On 24 Feb 1995, Bart Drake wrote:

> There has been discussion lately about postponing some infant 
> immunizations until child is older(two years old) because of side 
> effects of some and possibilty of breathing changes causing concerns[...]

The risks of childhood disease, especially at under two years of age, far 
outweighs the risk, and incidence, of any adverse reaction from 
vaccination. Yes, adverse reactions can occur and in the rare times that 
they do they do more so following DTP vaccination than any of the other 
childhood vaccines. Vaccination protects children, especially under age 
two. There are many scare groups out there armed with pseudo experts and 
the stories of the unfortunate few who claim to have suffered adverse 
reactions. If the child is in a day care setting, then they are 
especially at risk for infectious disease. 

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