Will there ever be a Vaccine to HIV?

Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Mon Feb 27 22:50:55 EST 1995

: I  am a final year student of microbiology at the University of Leeds and i am
: co-ordinating research for a forcoming debate on HIV in our medical
: microbiology class. The motion that we are debating is "This house believes
: that there will never be a vaccine for HIV.
: Matt

I disagree.
No matter how much the virus mutates, it has to maintain certain antigenic
conservativity or it would lose functionality. Also the virus does not
necessarily have to have a visible systemic presence. The infected cells must
have gp120 before the "bystander effect" can takes place. Remember that Viral
peptides are presented in both MHC I and MHC II to helper T-cells and
CTL's respectively. Also do not assume that vaccinne development 
necessarily limited to induction of antibodies or activation of CTL's. There
are new ways of combating diseases, using genetic therapy and design of
intracelluar antibodies ( or anti-sense DNA's) that might permit targeting
proteins that are never observed by the immune system for example tat,
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