Peptides on the head of a Pin?

JoannePetithoryjpetithory at JoannePetithoryjpetithory at
Mon Feb 27 22:33:43 EST 1995

		I'm looking for information on commercial suppliers of epitope mapping kits based on the 'pin'
 	peptide synthesis technique of Geysen and coworkers (J. Immunol. Methods 102:259, 1987). 
		 I know that at one point Cambridge Research  Biochemicals in Delaware sold an
	 'Epitope Scanning Kit', but the person who answered their 800 number informed me 
	that they no longer sell this kit in the US, and could not/ would not tell me what company 
	did sell a kit in the US based on the "pin" peptide synthesis technology.
	Joanne Petithory
	Genencor International
	jpetithory at

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