mAb to NTFa and NTF a receptor?

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Wed Jan 4 08:56:34 EST 1995

In article <qpeng-030195103134 at> qpeng at (Qinghai peng) writes:
>From: qpeng at (Qinghai peng)
>Subject: mAb to NTFa and NTF a receptor?
>Date: 3 Jan 1995 18:36:24 GMT

>Could anyone there could tell me where
>to buy these  monoclonal antibodies against
>human necrosis tumor factor a and its receptor.
>Could there mAb be suitably used in immunohistochemistry
>and especially for paraffin-embeded tissue.
>Thanks in advance, any help will be greatly

Genzyme (cambridge, Mass. ) sells antibodies to the TNF-alpha, and to both the 
p60 and p80 receptors.
I hope that this is useful.

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