Antibodies w/ covalent ligands

Hr Dr. S. Shapiro toukie at
Fri Jan 6 03:57:32 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues;

     I am seeking information on any of the following subjects:
     (1) covalently attaching small-molecular-weight ligands to anti-
         body molecules as prospective drug-delivery systems;

     (2) methods for liberating active Fab fragments from IgG and/or
         IgM molecules;

     (3) degradation of IgG pentamers to "IgG-like monomers", in which
         the liberated monomers still retain binding affinities.

If anyone has any information of these subjects that they would care to
share with me, or can recommend books, reviews, or journal articles that
SPECIFICALLY address any or all of the above subjects, please contact me

                           toukie at

This is necessary because the server from which I work sometimes deletes
my postings (and accompanying replies) before I have had a chance to re-
view them.

     I thank all responders in advance for generously sharing their infor-
mation with me.

Yours very truly,

(Dr.) S. Shapiro
Institut fuer orale Mikrobiologie und allgemeine Immunologie
Zentrum fuer Zahn-, Mund-, und Kieferheilkunde der Universitaet Zuerich
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yo zh 

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