Baker's ABx and avian antibodies

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>Hi all....

>Has anyone out there in the net had any experience with purification of 
>avian antibodies from egg yolk with Bakerbond ABx resins?

>If so, how did it work, and were any special protocols followed?


>Fred Hyde

Purification of avian antibodies is best done using affinity 
chromatography with affinty purified goat-anti Chicken IgG bound to a least in our laboratory.  These antibodies can be purchased from 
a number of suppliers.  The next best method is ion exchange chromatography. 
 We have not used Bakerbond ABx.  If you need procedures for performing the 
affinity chromatography just email me!

Martin Blankfard
Mblak at
Kirkegaard and Perry Laboratories.

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