Crossed Immunoelectrophoresis

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Mon Jan 9 08:18:08 EST 1995

Dear all,

I am having problems in setting up a crossed immunoelectrophoreis method for
the determination of the glycoforms of aciod glycoprotein. I am currently using
concanavalin A in the first dimension of the method. I believe this is where I 
am experiencing problems as I am only getting one peak (instead of the usual 3
to 4) in the second dimension.

My questions relate to the use of concanavalin A in this system.

1. How do you add the con A to the agarose. Is it added directly as a powder or
is it made up in a solution ? if so what solution and what concentration.

2. Is the temperature of the molten agarose important when adding the con A. If
so what temperature would I add the con A ?

Finally are there any other possible methods I could use to quantify these

Any references or actual methods would be gratefully revieved.

I would be extremely grateful for any help regarding my problem.


Craig Webster

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