How many T cells in a mouse?

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Tue Jan 10 13:55:51 EST 1995

Subject: How many T cells in a mouse?
From: mdcabl
Date: 10 Jan 95 22:13:38 +1100
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mdcabl at writes:
>Hi all,
>If anyone has even a clue as to where to find this tidbit of info if not
>answer itself PLEASE let me know.  I need this information desparately.
>How many TOTAL T cells are there in a mouse?  Of course, any extra
>like how many T cells in a mouse are directed at the same epitope would
also be
>a great help.  
>I have seen the combinatorial data on B cells relating to antibodies
>(10x8 antibody specificities) but nothing on T cells except the fact
that they
>of course have less diversity. I don't know where to start looking for
such a
>weird fact. I don't actually want to have to put a mouse in a blender.
>Thanks in advance,
>Allen Black
>Dept. of Pathology
>Univ. of Newcastle
>mdcabl at

Do you need to know the number of T cells in an average mouse (very
approximate 10*10) or do you want to know number of theoretical
recombinations (10*15  Davies/Bjorkman 1988 Science review)?

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