Grateful Med

Fri Jan 13 09:11:05 EST 1995

GM is much cheaper than buying the programs if used moderately.  Until we 
got medline seaching on campus for free, we used gm exclusively.  Average 
cost was aboutUS$150-200/year, with the datbase updated monthly.
Jeff Frelinger

On Thu, 12 Jan 1995, Zeitlin, Ben wrote:

> Does anyone have experience at using the Grateful Med  online database 
> search program ?   If so, how usefull do they find it, and does it work out 
> any cheaper than buying the relevant CD ROM databases directly ?
> For those who haven't heard of it,  I believe Grateful Med allows you to 
> search online databases such as Medline, Toxline and Cancerlit and others. 
>   If I'm wrong about this I would be pleased if someone could correct me.
> Thanks,
> Ben Zeitlin
> B.Zeitlin at
> Biomedical Science Department
> Sheffield Hallam University
> Sheffield.

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