Why is an embryo not "foreign tissue"?

nhchpelt at rrzn-user.uni-hannover.de nhchpelt at rrzn-user.uni-hannover.de
Tue Jan 17 10:37:55 EST 1995

What I always wanted to know but never found any information about is:

Why is an embryo not regarded as foreign tissue to a pregnant mother?
Why does the maternal immune system tolerate it?
Doesn't the embryonic tissue express any antigens/MHCs which could stimulate
the mother's immune answer?

Sorry, I'm no expert in that field (but I have some knowledge of basic
I would therefore appreciate any answer or hints to scientific publications.

Thank you in advance.

Juliane Meyerhoff
Department of Chemical Engeneering
University of Hannover /Germany

nhchpelt at rrzn-user.uni-hannover.de

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