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>What is the potential for utilization of sialylated lewis x as a blocker
>for L-selectin.  I know it is the ligand for E  & P selectin but does
>anyone know if it can be used   for L-selectin ...

Yes, it can be a ligand for L-selectin.

> purification  

Don't know. Wouldn't think anyone would have tried this, as making the
neoglycogonjugates is much more difficult and expensive then MAb
affinity chromatography!

> blocking

Well, yes to a certain extent. Depends somewhat on the nature of your
experiment, and the way the your carbohydrate is presented.

> in-vitro function!! 

This follows from above. sLex is not, however, the best ligand, nor
blocker of L-selectin. The natural ligand(s) is(are) probably (well,
ok, almost definately) more complex as well.



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