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Subject: Immunology MOO?
Date: Friday, January 20, 1995 7:07PM

If there is an address for an on-line Immunology discussion
group, could somebody post it, please?


There  are apparently many 'bioscience' MOO's however I am subscribed to one 

named BIOMOO which seems well organised and quite active.  Currently the
majority of  discussions in this MOO are on neuroscience and protein folding 

as far as I can tell, however this is only due to the fact that no one else
has organised other discussion groups.   Members of BIOMOO span the spectrum 

of biological backgrounds and I'm sure there are immunologists already using 

BIOMOO who would be interested in a discussion group, journal club or
lecture.  (for the address see below)

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of MOO's I'll try and briefly
explain, I make prior apologies for any technical innacuracies.   MOO stands 

for  '(M)ulti user dimension (O)bject (O)rientated' which I interpret as
meaning a  programme allowing many individuals to interact and communicate
in real time, as if they were in the same room. It allows you to create
objects such as an office or table and to directly alter your 'virtual'
surroundings.  It also allows the writing or implementation of your own
programmes, for instance one of the BIOMOO 'rooms' contains an object called 

a DNA analyser into which you can input your sequence of interest which will 

be converted to either the corresponding RNA or subsequent protein sequence. 

  There are also designated lecture 'rooms' set aside for discussion groups. 

Communication is instantaneous, to talk you would type :-

 -say to Fred <hello>

Fred would then see on his screen on the other side of the world:-

 -Ben says hello

This allows on line  groups to discuss topics without the cumbersome time
lapse associated with e.mail based discussions.   Assuming that I have now
confused even those who already new about MOOs  try it for yourself.

BIOMOO address to telnet :- 8888

If you have problems e.mail the supervisor :-

Gustavo at



Ben Zeitlin
Sheffield Hallam University

B.Zeitlin at

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