Malaria vs. sickle cell

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Fri Jan 27 03:30:55 EST 1995

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Teitelbaum) writes:
> >  There are anumber of other mutations which are
> > protective for malaria and which are present in the african and mediteranean
> > populations and the high frequencies are thought to be maintained by 
> > selection through the disease.
> Would thallisemia be included in these?  
Yes thalassaemia is one of the two major types of haemoglobinopathies
that seem to confer protection against malaria.  

Thalassaemias are characterised by a fault in haemoglobin 
production, whilst the sickle type disorders are actual mutations 
causing functional problems in the haemoglobin molecule. They both seem 
to cause problems for the Plasmodium parasasite.  
Anthony J Carter

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