IL-2 and antiDR

Dina Fonseca dfonseca at
Fri Jan 27 01:50:57 EST 1995

Agnieszka Szczepek (aszczepe at GPU.SRV.UALBERTA.CA) wrote:
: > 
: > Which is the reason why if I add to a PBL culture (without any stimuli, only
: > PBL and RPMIc)  mAb anti-DR (L-243) the spontaneous IL-2 releasing goes from
: > 500 pg/ml (more or less) to 50 pg/ml?

: Would that be anergy??? Looks like it. 

No, I think you've rediscovered the syngeneic MLR. The observation was
made a while ago that mouse LN or spleen cells sometimes spontaneously
proliferate in culture. Inhibition of IL-2 release by anti-self class II
Ab would suggest that the syngeneic MLR involves recognition of self MHC
by T cells. 

I assume there are no foreign proteins (such as FCS) in your culture

I've sometimes wondered whether the syngeneic MLR could be used as an
assay for the goodness of positive selection. Never done an 
experiment, though. Does anybody know more? And can provide references?

Avinash Bhandoola.

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