Are leukotrienes cytokines?

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Thu Jan 26 19:09:49 EST 1995

LT's are fatty mediators and not cytokines which are peptides.  They are made 
by the lipoxygenase pathway.  LTB4 was formerly SRS or slow reacting 
substance and is important in inflammation and T cell activity.
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Subject: Are leukotrienes cytokines?
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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 18:27:52 GMT
Are leukotrienes produced via the lipoxygenase pathway the same 
as any or all of the cytokines (interleukins, iterferons, TNFs, TGFs)? for 
example, I vaguely remember LTB4 being referred to by another name but can't 
seem to track it down.

I'd bbe interested in knowing the prior names for all the cytokines we know 
today. Can anyone recommend a good source?


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