gp-120 participant has questions...

Ray Russ rruss at amy9.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jul 3 15:44:55 EST 1995

I was one of a group of participants in a phase II gp-120 trial which was 
administered by San Francisco General Hospital/UCSF several years ago.

I am curious if anyone out there knows how long I will continue to test 
"indeterminate" on Western Blot, Elysa (sp?) and PCR. 

Any answers/suggestions/input would be greatly appreciated.

Please keep in mind that I am for all practical pourposes a neophyte as 
far as immunology goes and was just a volunteer so please take it easy on 
the technical aspects - thanks.


				    Ray Russ

			Stanford Linear Accelerator Center 
		      Operational Health Physics Department

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