Position Wanted

Richard Ziprin ziprin at usda.tamu.edu
Wed Jul 5 09:58:43 EST 1995

As no one objected to my previous question concerning the
appropriateness of this post in this newsgroup--here goes.

I'm a microbiologist-immunologist-physiologist; Ph.D. 1970.
I'm looking for a teaching position with duties limited to 
teaching and student advising.  I'd be willing to teach advanced
and graduate level courses but won't mentor grad students or chase
grant money.  Prefer a small-medium size school; professional school
OK and Junior College OK too.  Lots of pubs and several book chapters,
latest is in Foodborne Disease Handbook, 1994, Marcel Dekker.
I'm looking to retire from a position I've held with Uncle Sam for 20
years now.  Since there will be some retirement income and health benefits,
salary and terms can be negotiable and flexible.  If you know
of any such position please pass the info on to me.

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