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>Also, would any be interested in opening a discussion on PNI:
>stress-induced immunosupression at the cellular and/or molecular level,
>spontaneous remission from various illnesses due to faith and positive
>thinking, acute bereavement and mortality, etc. etc. ?!?  With the recent
>re-discovery of homeopathic medicine, I feel that PNI will be the glue
>that finally binds psychology, psychiatry, biology, immunology,
>neuroscience, neurology, physiology, nutrition, etc.  Doctors from one
>branch of science will need to be sensitive to the teachings of the others
>in treating the patient as a whole person, and not just the disease in

>:-) Heather Joy
>    San Carlos, California

There is a list that is focused on PNI, called, appropriately
enough, PNI.  It is maintained by Eric Zorrilla, Dept. of Psychology,
at Penn.  To subscribe, send email to LSTSRV at CCAT.SAS.UPENN.EDU, with
the message 
in the body.  Or email Eric directly for more info:
zorrilla at

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