oral tolerance vs immunity

Naushad Hirani bi610 at torfree.net
Sat Jul 15 17:40:26 EST 1995

David Peritt wrote:
: In article Gregory Harriman, gregoryh at bcm.tmc.edu writes:
: >>         Oral tolerance most often refers to T cell tolerance (TH1).

: I have never heard that TH1 cells were the mediators of oral tolerance. 
: In fact it is more of a TH2 like response or as some investigators
: suggest TH3 (which is high TGFb producer).

I agree.  Oral tolerance is likened to a TH2-type response, since the 
cytokine IL-4 is produced in response to oral tolerization (as opposed to 
IL-2).  See the review by Weiner in 1994 Ann. Rev. of Imm.
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