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>Can anyone suggest a source for obtaining the sequences for the TCR
>alpha/beta chain variable/diversity/constant/joining regions? Genebank
>gives sequences found in individual clones and most textbook/references
>only state that there are different families of sequences. Is there
>anywhere that lists the sequences for all of the members of each of the
>different families?...


    Hi.  I just did a quick search of the Registry file produced by the
database I work at, Chemical Abstracts Service, and it showed about 1178
T-cell receptor sequences (317 proteins, 863 nucleic acids).  Most of these
can be searched based on type of chain, and many, but, not all, contain
information on the region (variable, etc.).  These sequences come from
patents, published journal articles, and other sequence databases.  I'm not
sure if this is what you're looking for, but I hope it helps!  Good luck!


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