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Sat Jul 22 15:27:03 EST 1995

re: staining backgound problems from

>Dan Anderson (danderson at prl.pulmonary.ubc.ca)
>The University of British Columbia
>The University of Nebraska Medical Center

To better understand this problem, it would be necessary to know what 
kind of background (what specific types of tissue microenvironments show 
background).  A prblem with Fc mediated background as suggested by the 
last posting has a characteristic appearance due to the distribution of 
cells with high FcR levels.  

When you say the "CD antigens" have worked well, exactly what do you 
mean?  Do you use the same secondary reagent for these as for the murine 
mAb for the virus?

Pat Bucy (bucy at wp.path.uab.edu)
Dept. of Pathology
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham

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