TH1 vs. TH2 Redux

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25 July, 1995
	Just a note to thank those of you who responded to my inquiry about
TH1/TH2 immune response, whether by email, by telephone, etc.  I just read
Romagnani's review in Int Arch Allergy Immunol 98 (1992), and although it
helped, in a way I felt more confused than before.  I see I've got a lot
more reading to do in regard to cytokines before I can hope to start pulling
the bigger picture together.  I will, however, retain your email addresses,
etc., and you may yet receive a follow-up from me.
	A couple more very general questions.
	(1) At what point does a CD4+ cell commit to a TH1 vs. a TH2
response?  Does it "commit," or is the process reversible?
	(2) When I took an intro immunology course way back in '90 or so,
I remember learning that class I MHC presents endogenous self or tumor/viral
peptides, which are recognized by TCR of CD8+ cell, which then is cytotoxic
to the APC and other cells with the same antigen (to oversimplify to a
ridiculous degree).  Where does the CD4+ cell involved in a TH1 response
fit in to this scheme?  Do both the CD4+ cell and the cytotoxic CD8+ cell
have TCR that recognize the foreign antigen?
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