varicella-zoster Vaccine

Ed Bruckstein bruckstn at
Wed Jul 26 14:13:51 EST 1995

In <3v2shi$48k at> Marie bieniek <bieniek at> writes:

>Does anyone have any recommendation about the chicken pox vaccine?  

>I understand it is a live virus.  My questions include:

>1.  Will it prevent shingles later in life, or is the vaccine capable of 
>causing shingles down the road?

>2.  Is the virus grown in animal cultures, or is it produced using the 
>more modern cloning techniques.  I remember learning in my undergrad 
>immunology class that the early small pox vaccine was grown in monkeys, 
>and was later found to contain some unknown virus.

One more question:

If a woman gets the vaccine (or real live chicken pox), I've heard she 
may not get pregnant for several months afterwards.  Any truth?

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