Sat Jul 29 15:20:34 EST 1995

Help! I am a grad student at the university of Dayton, Ohio, working on 
pyocyanin. This is a pigment which is produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. I 
have been working with it for almost 2 years, and I am not sure that what I 
have is actually pyocyanin. I have been conducting humoral immunity studies 
(hemolytic plaque assays) with this compound and they are not giving me the 
results that are expected from the literature. I think the problem may be 
in the compound I have and not the techinique as I have managed to 
standardize it fairly well. If anyone is working with pyocyanin of knows 
someone else who is, please contact me. I would like to possibly exchange 
notes on how this pigment is purified, or better yet, perhaps get a small 
sample to test against my pyocyanin. Thank you.
Angela M. Gallo
e-mail: Galloanm at

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