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Fri Jun 2 11:23:46 EST 1995

In article <852 at kiwi.ukc.ac.uk>, mrr1 at ukc.ac.uk (M.R.Reece-Ford) wrote:

>   I have a CHO cell line that produces a chimeric IgG4 that unfortunately has
> to be cultured in serum containing media (8% feotal calf serum). This FCS also
> contains bovine IgG which I would like to selectively remove from the culture
> supernatant. Has anyone had any experience with this problem? I have read that
> Pharmacia's Protein G Fast Flow 4 will remove the bovine IgG has anyone tried
> it? Finally how about purifying the FCS before addition to the media, is this
> feasible or would maintaining sterility of the serum be to difficult (the FCS
> has components that would be denatured if autoclaved). Thanks in advance.
> Matthew.
> --

Ciao Matthew,

in our lab, FCS is passed over the affinity column first, then sterilized
by filtration again (0.2 micom) before adding to the cultures.


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