Q. Difference between iso-, allo- and idiotype

SNOWTREK snowtrek at aol.com
Sun Jun 4 20:01:09 EST 1995

>Q2. How can different isotypes be separated in vitro?

Check out "protein A", a commonly available (commercial) purification
matrix (gel).

Q3. Can antibodies made in mouse be used for treatment in the human body?

Wholly mouse antibodies (eg, OKT3) have been used clinically. These are
way foreign and the nominal human recognizes them as such. Not only does
the administration of mouse mabs cause "side effects" (fever, flu-like
unpleasantness), but the human recipient will clear them rapidly - after
all, they belong in mice.
But: if you (or someone so inclined) humanize the mouse mab, what wonders
it can perform!! Look at the very recent info re. the success of a
humanized anti_IL2 receptor mab vis-a-vis inhibition of graft rejection.

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