Lymphocyte proliferation tests

S M Yousaf yousaf at
Tue Jun 6 16:16:43 EST 1995

I used to do proliferation assay on Immune deficient patients and like 
yourself did not want to use the radioactive label. I used flow 
cytometry using antibodies measuring proliferation nuclear antigens, the 
antibodies used were KI-67 and PCNA. The assay involved adding PHA, ConA, 
and PPD to lymphocytes in a 96 well format and incubating for 72 hours 
-over the weekend. I have not the method with  me as I am sending this 
from home. I am sure Sigma and others do such a assay commercially. If 
you are interested I could dig deeper.
Ed Yousaf
Bone Marrow Transplantation and Tissue Culture,

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