re real function, naive bcells

David Peritt Peritt_d at
Thu Jun 8 08:38:28 EST 1995

In article <3r4poq$q71 at> bryan fisk,
bryan_fisk at writes:

>For peptides from the idiotypic region to be presented by MHC class I or 
>II molecules it must a) possess the proper binding MHC binding motif and 
>b) have a sufficiently high binding affinity and/or be present in high 
>enough concentration to effectively compete with other self-peptides. 
>Thus, it would appear doubtful that   EVERY   B-cell  would effectively 
>present idiotypic peptides. 
 Finally, it seems of very low probability that a single,
non-proliferating, naive B-cell will encounter a cognate T-cell in the


But I am confused on another issue.  Why are we tolerant to idiotypic
peptides being presented in inflammatory sites with all the proper T cell
help etc..  or are we not tolerant?  Is this a downregulatory mechanism?

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