HELP! Mouse cytokine ELISA kits.

Thu Jun 8 09:55:06 EST 1995

	Dear netters,
	I am going to measure the mouse TNF, IL-1 and IL-6 levels in LPS
(10ug/ml) activated peritoneal macrophages (1 million cells/ml) and compare
between control and toxin treated mice. I am going to use GENZYME mouse
cytokine ELISA kits. Their protocol says to use neat supernatant samples. But
Iam getting some doubts about it. What if my samples got exces amount of
cytokine signal. then the readings may go beyond the scale so that I cant
predict the concentrations accurately with the standards they sent with the
kits. The problem is I dont have enough wells to standerdize the supernatant
dilutions. Any body had the same kind of problem with the kits. If so  how you
guys managed it. I really appreciate your help in this matter.
	thanks in advance.
	Ravi Dugyala

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