Anti-CD8 (human) antibodies

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Fri Jun 9 18:04:35 EST 1995

kevin at (Kevin B. Leslie) wrote:
> Dear World,
> Does anyone know of (or have) anti-CD8 reagents that are good for
> immunoprecipitation or are good for Western blotting? We are using OKT8
> succesfully for FACS analysis, but it IPs rather poorly (and we are told
> that it does not blot at all).
> A languishing Kevin B. Leslie
> Vancouver, Canada
> kevin at
Actually in my hands the anti-CD8 antibody OKT8 Ips. pretty good 
(even in RIPA buffer which contains 0.1% SDS).  I have however, been unable
to find an anti-CD8 antibody wich western blots and if anyone out there
knows of one I would also be appreciative for the information.

Avery August
Rockefeller U.

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