genzyme IL4

Calcedone calcedone at
Sat Jun 10 22:23:49 EST 1995

A few years ago I had trouble getting  genzyme IL4  elisa to work.   It
turns out that there was something wrong with their elisa kit.  I
mentioned my problem (I had switched to another kit by that time) to them
in a conference and the reply was "oh yes, there was a problem with that."
 I am not convinced that their quality control is adequate.  Don't blame
yourselves yet- talk to them first and make sure their kit has been
working.  I know they are well known/respected but have refrained from
ordering from them since.  The Pharmingen IL4 antibody pairs are good if
you don't mind putting together the rest of the reagents (they have a
protocol- and of course, it is less expensive).

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