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>Dear USANA Prospect or Enthusiast:

>If this article interests you and you would like to more about
>the USANA products and/or compensation plan, please contact the
>person who introduced you to USANA.  If this is your first
>contact with USANA, please contact any of the fantastic
>distributors here on CompuServe, any distributor that you may be
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>KS Services
>Kevin Smith, owner
>8493 Rothchild Road
>Germantown, TN 38139-3300

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>*** This is the article found on page 15 of USANA Magazine ***

>"Reprinted with the permission of USANA, Inc., Salt Lake City,

>What are free radicals and what do antioxidants do?

>By John H. McDonald, Ph.D., Senior Scientist

>This is a major question because it touches on the most important
>medical discovery since Watson & Crick gave us the structure for

>USANA is the answer!

Ya right!  Why not try an ad somewhere, and keep the spam off of the net!


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