u937 as macrophage model

D.Martin Dmartin at uctgsh1.uct.ac.za
Tue Jun 13 06:47:10 EST 1995

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any information on the antigen 
presenting capacity of u937 cells?  I am trying 
to set this cell line up as a model for macrophage 
function and there ability to present antigens to 
tissue matched T cells is very important to the 
success of the assay.  Any other information about 
the cell line would also be very interesting, 
including things such as their phagocytic ability 
and oxidative burst activity following infection 
with bacteria.


Jo-Ann Passmore
e-mail:  jpassmoo at uctgsh1.uct.ac.za

Clinical Immunology Unit
Department of Medicine
University of Cape Town
South Africa

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