real function, type/tope, tolerance.

bryan fisk bryan_fisk at
Tue Jun 13 10:43:58 EST 1995

> then to dr fuchs question again

>>Just because I cannot think of any way that the immune system can
>>distinguish between idiotypes and foreign antigens does not mean that
>>there is no such mechanism.  Therefore I repeat, can anyone provide me
>>with an acceptable answer to this question?

>     the tcells that are reactive to those identicle epitopes or 
>idiotopes are deleted in the thymus.  these tcells dont reach the 
>perhiphery to react with a b cell.

I thought T-cells were educated in the thymus upon thymic epithelium and 
not B-cells? Also, since each T- and B-cell has a clonotypic, rearranged 
receptor, from which idiotopes may arise, wouldn't each T-cell have to 
be tolerized against each B-cell idiotope? I don't see how that could be 

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