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>Dr M.R. Clark (mrc7 at wrote:
>: I accept fully that the logical way out of this is to say that a naive B-cell
>: presents for tolerance. However what about activated B-cells undergoing
>: hypermutation. Experimental evidence shows us that activated B-cells make
>: highly efficient antigen presenters. So how do you deal with altered 
>: specificity
>: and idiotype during hypermutation?
>The solution that Polly Matzinger and I have arrived at is that both 
>resting and activated B cells are tolerogenic APCs for naive but not 
>memory T cells.  We believe that all experiments showing activated B 
>cells as good APCs used responder T cells that contain some memory cells 
>(even from T cell receptor transgenic mice).
>By not allowing naive T cells to become activated by antigens presented 
>by B cells, the idiotype presentation problem is avoided.
>Ephraim Fuchs
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    Is this correct:

    so what i think that drs fuchs and matzinger are now saying is that
there are no anti-idiotypic antibodies in normal people (since to have an
antiidiotypic secondary response you must have t cell help-and in their
scenario, there cannot be  T-cells specific for b cell idiotypes).  hint:
there _are_ anti-idiotypic antibodies in normals.

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