Melanoma Treatment Advice Needed Urgently

David Aaron aaron at
Wed Jun 14 20:17:23 EST 1995

Three years ago my wife had a mole removed from her back, on testing it
was discoverd that it was active and contained malignant melonoma. She was
then admited to hospital for day surgery where they removed a larger area
(Wepc) in an attempt to isolate the cancer. 8 months after the surgery she
complained of a swelling under her left arm and on investigation by biopsy
it was discoverd that the melonoma had moved to her lymphatic system. She
then had her lymph glands (Left arm pit) completly removed and a wide
excesion from the mole to her arm pit.  Recently she was admited to
hospital complaining of headaches, after a cat scan it was found that she
had a large bleed and tumor over the parietal lobe effecting her memory
and speech. In the last few days she has recoverd from the neurosurgery
very well but the biopsy on the tumor resulted in a positive indication of
melanoma. Further MRI's and scans show no further signs of infesatation
except that two nodes near her pelvis are "showing" larger than they
should be.The neurosciences section are now suggesting radiothearpy of the
cranium over a two week period possibly followed up by chemotherapy.
She has also been undertaking an experemental "Imunotherapy" programme
over the last three years which seems not to have worked.
My wife is 34 and in good health other than the melanoma.
If any one knows of any alternate treatment or success stories we would be
pleased to hear.

aaron at

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