looking for anti-bcl2 Ab w/ RAT reactivity

ffr.de odin25 at netcom.com
Thu Jun 15 11:53:02 EST 1995

? (rcohen at aecom.yu.edu) wrote:
: I am looking for a bcl-2 (anti-apoptosis) antibody that
: crossreacts with rat tissue.  I prefer a polyclonal, but
: any Ab would do.  If you know of a company or a lab that may 
: have or produce this type of Ab let me know.  I will inform you
: on the specific use for the Ab later on.

: Thanks for the info..

: R.Cohen
I know that PharMingen (San Diego) has a rabbit polyclonal against mouse 
bcl-2 which crossreacts with rat.  You might try them.

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