Coeliac Disease

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> I'm a graduand at Durham University, having studied molecular biology and 
> biochemistry, and who could be coeliac (tests are being done at the 
> moment).  The library at Durham is absolutely abysmal, so I've been able 
> to find almost zilch about this disease, yet naturally, I'm very 
> interested to find out more, and soon.  I know that coeliac disease is 
> connected with class II MHC, and to autodestruction of the ileum lining, 
> and that this is triggered off by A-gliadin.  If anyone can point me to a 
> review article, or anything helpful in the journals, or even tell me 
> something useful by email, I'd be eternally grateful (well, pretty 
> grateful, anyway).
> 	Thanks alot in advance, Tim.

A comprehensive review is :- Celiac disease, Kagnoff M.F., Gastroenterology 
clinics of N. America, Vol 21, No 2, pp405-423, 1992.

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