TNFa-anyone sequenced frag. amplified by primers for rat??

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>Subject: TNFa-anyone sequenced frag. amplified by primers for rat??
>Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 09:38:37 -0400

>We are using the Clontech Rat TNF-alpha primers to amplify TNF in rat.  
>The GCG sequence indicates that the primers supplied by Clontech should 
>amplify a fragment ~570 bp while Clontech says the product should be 295bp.
>The actual fragment size is 295bp but, why is there a discrepancy?  It is 
>difficult to get any quick answers from Clontech on this issue.  Takes a 
>couple of days to hear back from tech services.  Thanks for any input.  Mary

GenBank has a rat TNF-alpha entry (Locus=RATTNF) for a genomic sequence that 
will give 295 bp once all three introns are removed.  Leaving one of the 
introns in would give a fragment of ~580.  

GenBank also has a cDNA sequence entry (S40199) that would give a fragment 
size of 295 except that the sequence corresponding to the 5'-primer differs by 
one base.  I don't know if the discrepancy is due to a strain difference, 
sequencing error, or the fact that the cDNA clone was obtained by PCR.

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