In vitro Priming of CTL

Gerald Pier gpier at
Fri Jun 16 17:04:28 EST 1995

Concanavalin A will activate CD8+ cells in vitro but it is a polyclonal
activation so it will not select out for or induce CTL specific to any
particular antigen.  There is a fair amount of literature on Con A
activation of human T cells and its resultant effects.  A older (1977)
reference for long term cultivation of CTL's is Gillis and Smith, Nature,
268; 154-156.  I don;t know if this helps as you might be interested in
"inducing" antigen-specific CTL in vitro, in which case you'll need to dig

Hope this helps some.

Jerry Pier
Harvard Medical School
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> Does anyone have suggestions on how to induce CTL in vitro using 
> lymphocytes from naive individuals?

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