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Mon Jun 19 06:13:31 EST 1995

I have some questions.
To explain tolerance, some mechanisms has been proposed - clonal 
deletion, anergy, and active inhibition by suppressor T cells. Tolerance 
is long lasting phenomenon, so I suppose that only active inhibition by 
suppressor cells can play role in all cases of tolerance. I can imagine 
here that the information what will be tolerated is saved in memmory 
cells derived from suppressors. But where to store information in case of 
clonal deletion and anergy? DO YOU AGREE?

What is the role of NK cells in regulation of immunity?

Do you know any stimulator of NK cells?

Linomide, synthetic immunomodulator, was used successfully in treatment 
of some autoimmune diseases (animal models and clinical trials). This 
compound stimulates NK cells. How this phenomenon could be connected with 
influence of this drug on autoimmune diseases?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Jan Zenka

zenka at

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