Nitric Oxide

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Mon Jun 19 14:58:43 EST 1995

In article <3rn637$6f5 at>, Luis Diaz <cascas at> says:
>Could someone briefly describe to me what is known about the effects of
>NO on human T lymphocyte activation and proliferation.  
>Luis Diaz
>University of Michigan
>P.S. : Any particularly good references on this subject would be

Dear Luis,

You might want to see "Molecular basis of 'suppressor' macrophages: 
Arginine metabolism via the nitric oxide synthase pathway. 
C.D. Mills,Journal of Immunology, 146:2719-2723 (1991).

This article examines the effect of NO on rat splenocyte proliferation.

I have done some work looking at NO and stress-induced immune suppression
in rats, but I have no human data at this point. In general, it appears 
that when lymphocytes are activated by mitogens, macrophages react by
producing NO which inhibits proliferation.  Stress seems to augment this
response.  Don Lysle at the University of North Carolina has also done a 
lot of work in this area.

Ed Purcell
University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, Des Moines, Iowa
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