Unstimulatable T cells

TKendrick psycler at netcom.com
Mon Jun 19 12:52:50 EST 1995

Isaacs, Cary (CIsaacs at organo.com) wrote:
:Our lab has been trying various methods to purify 
:human T cells from peripheral 
:blood. We have found columns sold by Pierce to purify consistantly better then 
:90% (based on flow cytometery).  However, when we try to stimulate these cells 
:with immobilized anti-CD3 and RPMI with 10% FCS, they will not proliferate.The 
:PBMCs before the column do proliferate.The T cells also proliferate with PHA.  
: Any ideas?

First, wider margins please.
Immobilized anti-CD3 will deliver signal 1 (TCR) without signal 2
(costimulation) which can lead to apoptosis and/or anergy given that
you are working with pure T cell populations.

PHA binds CD2 and delivers a signal which mimics signal 1 but may
not require the same costimulatory ligands and therefore lead to

I suggest adding irradiated (3000 rads) PBMCs during your anti-CD3
incubation. They will not be able to divide, so you will be left
with only live T cells. After a week the dead cells can be removed
via density gradient centrifugation. This process should give you a
4-8-fold increase in your T cells after about 10 days. However, I would
also suggest transferring the cells to a new dish (without anti-CD3)
after three days and adding IL-2 then and every 3-5 days.

Good luck.


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