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> Dear Netters,
>  I am looking for an interesting paper/topic for a review seminar I have
to give
> soon. I'd like opinions from you all on the hottest papers out in Immunology,
> in the past few months.
> Thanks in advance,
> - Nevil
> P.S: What do you think of NFkB as a review topic ?
You may want to discuss the role of Inhibitory-kB in the activation of
NFkB since it seems a bit controversial right now i.e. does the
phosphorylation of I-kB result in its dissociation and subsequent
activation of NF-kB or does its phosphorylation mark it for proteolytic
degradation by a putative protease as it remains bound to I-kB?  Check out
some March or April/1995 issues of MCB and a mini review in Cell that
appeared around that same time.

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