Wanted modified Alsever solution

Gerald Pier gpier at warren.med.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 20 17:24:00 EST 1995

Pierre:  Formula for Alsever's solution, from C.H. Collins and P.M. Lyne,
Microbiological Methods, 1970, Butterworth and CO., London.  Page 199 (you
need an older book to find these things):
Dextrose 20.5 grams
Sodium chloride (NaCl): 4.2 grams
Tri sodium citrate: 8.0 grams
Citric acid: 0.55 grams
Distilled water: 1000 ml 
You're on your own in calculating the citrate concentration here.  It's
been a long time since I took organic chemistry.

Jerry Pier

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pcomm at cismibm.univ-lyon1.fr (Pierre Commercon) wrote:

> hello everybody
> help me, it is urgent
> I am looking for the modified Alsever solution formula.
> This solution is used to conserve Red Blood Cell in american commercial blood 
> solutions.
> The citrate concentration in this solution is important for me, this solution 
> is known to inhibate some immunological reactions. 
> The Alsever solution is unknown in France
> Merci
> Pierre
> pcomm at cismibm.univ-lyon1.fr

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